Personal Profile2

ZerOne Photos was established in 2005 for the better need to produce the best high quality services in digital photography. We all have those moments in our lives that we want to capture so we can always revisit and re-live them time and time again. We all want to look at those indelible moments frozen in time and to be able to immerse ourselves in those emotions that re arise them. A professional photographer that’s not only emotionally engaged in the event of the moment but has the third eye to see beyond now but also wants to capture those photos or videos in a way that it’s always fresh and kind of discovery whenever you look at them.

From (traditional and white) Wedding ceremonies, birthdays, house warming, graduations, parties, funerals and more. We have over the years built a reputation for excellence in delivering to our clients. Our professionals are always in training to make sure that we are up to date in today’s ever changing digital world.